About Barry Pirovano

90 minutes of full tension, frustration and joy, then it's gone, the match is over... All that remains are the moments you remember together. Or viral videos or memes on your social media channels: laugh a bit and scroll through. In order to have something tangible, to avoid the elusiveness, I started recording everything that I find precious. Whether it's football or other sports moments, or music, films or internet memes... That's it.

Commercial collaborations
including UEFA, Eredivisie, KNVB, AFC Ajax, PEC Zwolle, Telstar, VriendenLoterij, Athletics Union, Travelbags, FootballCulture, VICE, TripleDouble, GOAL magazine, Santos magazine, Voetbal International, Ajax Life, Dag en Nacht Media, Atlanta Sportsmanagement, New Amsterdam Film Company, Yiro, Unibet, FC Afkicken, Gate 11, Overamstel Uitgevers BV, Extince, Sticks & Rico and many personal custom made portraits and artworks.